5 things to do during quarantine

1. Try new recipes

I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes from dalgona coffee to taco pasta to carrot cake. We all know that food is life during quarantine!! Here’s a few recipes I’ve been loving:

2. Workout

Since I’ve had extra time of my hands, I’ve been incorporating home workouts in my morning routine, I love using the BeachBody program!

3. Self-care

So important to take care of your skin & hair during this time! Apply a face mask & leave-in hair treatment. Also, make healthy choices! I start my day off with Pressed Juicery juices to cleanse & fuel up on my greens. Then, have a CTB cookie because #BALANCE!

4. Do a home project

I’m taking this time to redo my room! If you follow me on IG, I previously posted a pic of my dresser that I painted white & added new gold knobs to. Do small projects, paint a wall or furniture!

5. Support local & small businesses

As times are tough, it’s important to support small businesses! Here’s 2 of my faves:

CurlyTop Baker Gourmet Cookies – BEST cookies ever! Ultimate quarantine eats!

Mate The Label – comfiest clothes to lounge around in!

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