Collagen is so important to take on a regular basis, there is so many benefits. I’ve been LOVING Vital Protein’s line of collagen. They offer different forms of collagen including, water, creamer, shots & powder.

Collagen benefits your hair, skin, nails, joints & bones. It helps improve gut health and overall wellness, which makes your bones & joints stronger.

I put a scoop of their Collagen Protein Peptides in my smoothie every morning. It’s unflavored, so you don’t even taste it!! I usually add it in a strawberry or coffee smoothie! If you’re not a big smoothie person, you can put this in any liquids or baked goods. Collagen Peptides dissolves into any liquid instantly! Definitely an essential for me!

There is 20 grams of collagen per serving & contains no gluten, dairy or sugar. It is available in a variation of sizes, including, 5, 10 & 20 ounces. Vital Proteins even sells it in capsules!! If you currently don’t take collagen, it’s about time you do.

Click on the words to shop my favorite collagen supplement!

Keep a lookout because I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes I include collagen in!

Thanks for reading!


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